Auto-start the Data Recorder or the Octave Analyzer in SignalScope 11.5

With version 11.5 of SignalScope X, SignalScope Pro 2020, and SignalScope Advanced 2020, the Data Recorder and Octave Analyzer tools can be started automatically when a user-defined trigger event occurs. The trigger event consists of a single amplitude threshold on a designated trigger channel.

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Analyze DC-coupled audio inputs with SignalScope X

With the release of version 11.4 of SignalScope X, you can more easily generate and analyze signals with DC content, as long as you have compatible hardware with DC-coupled input and/or output channels. The number of audio interfaces with DC-coupled output channels seems to have been growing for some time, although very few interfaces offer DC-coupled inputs.

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SignalScope X supports impact testing for modal analysis

In order to facilitate impact testing, measurement software generally requires several specific options, including reference input triggering with pre-trigger delay, force windowing for the reference input, exponential windowing for all inputs, and the ability to preview captured impulses and accept or reject the inclusion of the captured data in the final result. In version 11.2, SignalScope X now includes these capabilities within the Dual FFT Analyzer tool.

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