SignalScope 12.4 adds new options to the polar plot


The Polar Plot tool, available in SignalScope’s Pro Tool Set, now supports an option to normalize the data at 0 degrees. This option makes it easy to compare the relative directivity of multiple polar data sets. For example, when comparing the directional response of a microphone at different frequencies, it helps to scale each trace in the plot so that at all frequencies, the response is the same in the front-facing direction of the microphone.

iPhone 14 Pro Microphone Directivity Polar Plot
Standard Polar Plot
iPhone 14 Pro Microphone Directivity Normalized Polar Plot
Normalized Polar Plot

Other improvements in version 12.4 include the following:

  • Polar data with angle values in descending order is now supported.
  • Several cosmetic improvements have been made to the Polar Plot.
  • Data file import works more reliably (especially on a Mac) when a file is automatically reloaded when the app is launched.
  • Multiple data files can be imported at once when importing files from outside the app.
  • Octave Analyzer performance is improved with high sample rates (e.g. 192 kHz), and auto-start triggering is more robust.
  • Auto-calibration behavior in the File Player tool is more consistent when changing output channel selections.
  • Cosmetic and other minor improvements.
  • Stability improvements.