• An Assortment of Measurement Microphones

    Which measurement microphone should I use with iPhone, iPad, or Mac?

    “Which mic do you recommend?” The short answer is that you can connect just about any kind of microphone you want to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac through a suitable USB audio interface. The means that choosing a mic must be done with your own specific needs in mind. The suggestions below offer an answer to this question which addresses various needs and budgets.

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  • Microphone Sensitivity Diagram

    How do I calibrate my microphone with SignalScope or SoundMeter?

    If you would like to make accurate sound level measurements with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, then proper calibration of your microphone sensitivity is an important step to success. With the right equipment, calibrating a microphone can be a very simple process.

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  • How to Manually Adjust the Data Scale in SignalScope

    Most tools in SignalScope include some kind of plot (graph) with an adjustable scale for viewing time or frequency domain data. Although each plot typically features one or more options for automatic scaling of the data, it is helpful to know that there are multiple ways to adjust the scale manually.

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  • Sound Intensity Screenshot

    SignalScope X 12.0 Now Available with New Tools and Features

    SignalScope X receives a major upgrade with version 12.0, including new tools and features in each tool set.

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  • miniDSP UMIK-2

    SoundMeter X adds support for miniDSP UMIK-2

    The UMIK-2 connects to an iPhone or iPad via USB with Apple’s Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter. When it is connected, SoundMeter X will recognize it and prompt you to enter the serial number which is printed on the UMIK’s label. Once the serial number has been entered, SoundMeter X will download the factory-supplied sensitivity information from the web and apply it immediately for factory-calibrated sound level measurements.

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iOS 16.1 Fixes Audio Input Identification Error

As mentioned in a previous post, iOS 16.0 fails to properly identify connected external audio input hardware (the selected input was always reported to be the built-in microphone). This problem, which we reported to and confirmed with Apple, has been addressed in iOS 16.1, which now properly identifies a connected and selected audio input in Faber apps. If you’re currently running SignalScope or SoundMeter apps on iOS 16.0, an upgrade to iOS 16.1 is recommended.

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