Getting started with shortcuts in SignalScope 12.2

With the release of version 12.2, SignalScope X and its companion apps (Basic, Advanced, and Pro 2022) now support Shortcuts on iOS/iPadOS 16+, and macOS 13+. This means that Start, Stop, and Save actions can be included in custom shortcuts created in the Shortcuts app on all 3 platforms

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iOS 16.1 Fixes Audio Input Identification Error

As mentioned in a previous post, iOS 16.0 fails to properly identify connected external audio input hardware (the selected input was always reported to be the built-in microphone). This problem, which we reported to and confirmed with Apple, has been addressed in iOS 16.1, which now properly identifies a connected and selected audio input in Faber apps. If you’re currently running SignalScope or SoundMeter apps on iOS 16.0, an upgrade to iOS 16.1 is recommended.

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Analyze DC-coupled audio inputs with SignalScope X

With the release of version 11.4 of SignalScope X, you can more easily generate and analyze signals with DC content, as long as you have compatible hardware with DC-coupled input and/or output channels. The number of audio interfaces with DC-coupled output channels seems to have been growing for some time, although very few interfaces offer DC-coupled inputs.

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