SignalScope X 10.3 acts as a free reader for FFT, Dual FFT, and Octave analyzer data


SignalScope X version 10.3 is now available for download from the App Store. In the new version, all tool tabs are visible, regardless of the current subscription status.

SignalScope X’s FFT Analyzer, Dual FFT Analyzer, and Octave Analyzer tools can be used as free readers for data files (created by these same tools) when no subscription is active. This allows for sharing of data files with other users who can then load and view the data for free, without the need for a subscription. It also allows for users who generated the data files with these tools to continue to view the data within the app if their subscription ends. Viewing the data includes interacting with the graph via multitouch gestures and placing a cursor within the plot to view values for specific data points.

To share a data file, browse to the file from within the respective tool’s options menu and tap the Share button. From the standard iOS document interaction menu, you can choose how and where to send the file.

As an example, the file can be attached to an email in the iOS Mail app. The recipient of the email message can tap and hold their finger on the attached file to bring up a similar document interaction menu. From there, they can select Copy to SignalScope X to load the file for viewing in the app.

Also in version 10.3, the current subscription level is identified in the Help screen, and more conspicuously in the Tool Sets tab.