Are you looking for a measurement microphone for your iPhone?

Some time ago, I was made aware of the i436 measurement microphone from MicW. It looked like exactly what was needed to turn any iOS device into a quality sound level meter, or acoustical analysis tool, that you could truly carry around in your pocket, but it was limited in its utility by that pesky low-end roll-off that plagued earlier versions of iOS.

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iPhone 5 audio consistent with iPhone 4S

Today, I had the opportunity to begin testing the audio input characteristics of the new iPhone 5. As seen in the plots, below, the headset input frequency response matches that of the iPhone 4S, which was presented in the previous post. The behavior of the built-in microphone also seems to match that of the iPhone 4S, suggesting that Apple kept the audio input path essentially unchanged in the new device.

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iPod Touch 3G Headset IO Frequency Response

To add to the previously published results, we decided to measure the frequency response of the iPod Touch 3G. Electroacoustics Toolbox 2.1.7 was used with a MOTU UltraLite mk3 audio interface to measure the frequency response. These measurements include the response of the headset output as well as the headset input. The audio was routed through the iPod Touch using SignalScope Pro, and the measurements were made on a 3rd generation 32 GB iPod Touch. With each new iteration of the iPhone, the low-end roll off of the headset input has been steeper and steeper.  The iPod Touch seems to be following a similar trend. The iPod Touch 2G had a 3 dB frequency around 30 Hz while the iPod […]

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