Faber apps, iOS 13, and Dark Mode


With version 10.7.5 of the SignalScope apps and version 10.4.5 of the SoundMeter apps, compatibility with the iOS 13 beta has been added. These new versions of the apps also support Dark Mode.

The same user-selectable color schemes for the tools in each of the apps are maintained, regardless of whether Dark Mode is selected on the device. So, for example, if you have selected the White color scheme in SignalScope X, your main background will still be white in Dark Mode. Similarly, if you have selected the Black color scheme, your main background will be black, even in Light Mode. All other user-interface elements, such as tool options and audio device configuration menus, including the calibration screen, will adapt to the Light/Dark Mode selection.

Unfortunately, earlier versions of all Faber apps, including our legacy apps, fail to run at all on beta releases of iOS 13. This means that, unless something changes in an update to a future iOS 13 release, apps such as the original SignalScope, SoundMeter, IOScope, or RoomScope will be incompatible with the new iOS.

Of course, legacy Faber apps, which were last updated for iOS 11, may continue to be run indefinitely on earlier versions of iOS (i.e. iOS 12.x or earlier).

Also new in the latest version of the SignalScope apps, the XY Plotter has been renamed XY Scope. Along with the new name, the XY Scope includes a Mid/Side processing mode that can be helpful for analyzing stereo audio signals. With Mid/Side mode enabled, a mono input (in which the X and Y signals are the same) will produce a vertical line. Increased stereo separation in the X and Y inputs yields greater deviation from that central line.

The new apps are available, now, on the App Store.

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