SignalSuite for iOS now sports a fresh UI and support for larger iPhone screens


SignalSuiteAppIcon120Version 1.5 of SignalSuite, the original stereo audio signal generator for iPhone, finally supports larger iPhone screens, including those of the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, with a fresh new look. Functionally, the new version of SignalSuite is equivalent to previous releases, although it is now possible to manually select from a list of available audio output routes (e.g. the iPhone speaker or an Apple TV on the local network). The user interface elements have been updated to be consistent with the changes made to the appearance of iOS since version 7.

SignalSuite047ScreenShot1 SignalSuite047ScreenShot2 SignalSuite047ScreenShot3 SignalSuite047ScreenShot4 SignalSuite047ScreenShot5

SignalSuite supports 3.5, 4.0, 4.7, and 5.5-inch iPhone screens and requires iOS 7 or later. SignalSuite 1.5 is available now on the App Store.

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  • Bruce rocks

    I have an iPhone. Please tell me how to turn off he sound meter? The only way I know how is shutting down my phone. Thank you

    • Bruce,
      You need to stop the meter and also turn off the signal generator. Then, SoundMeter won’t keep running when you return to the home screen. If you have additional tools in SoundMeter, you need to be sure each of those is turned off as well.