SignalScope Pro and friends offer enhanced iOS hardware support


SignalScope Pro 2.1, SignalScope 3.1, and SoundMeter 2.1, which are now available for download on the app store, feature better support for audio input hardware, including direct interaction with GuitarJack (models 1 and 2) from Sonoma Wire Works.

  • Each app offers enhanced support for audio accessories, connected via the 30-pin dock connector.
  • Input gain adjustment is available for any audio input hardware that supports it.
  • Software-selectable options for the GuitarJack and GuitarJack model 2, from Sonoma Wire Works, may be adjusted directly from within each app.
  • Each app now supports multi-channel USB audio devices, connected to any iPad model via the iPad Camera Connection Kit.
  • Default input sensitivities are now managed for each iOS device.
  • iPad retina display resolution is now fully supported.
  • SignalScope and SoundMeter also now support viewing saved PDF images within the app, in addition to retrieving them via iTunes File Sharing on a Mac or PC.


One comment

  • Emily

    Do you know of any noise professionals using these apps to collect ambient noise data for environmental studies? If yes, what microphones are they using with the iPad or iPhone? Maybe you have an article about this already, but I didn’t see it.
    Thank you!