SoundMeter is free



The standard features of SoundMeter, the original sound level meter app for iPhone, are now free. SoundMeter X, which has always been free to download, now includes all features of its SoundMeter Standard subscription for free. This means that the standard features of the Meter and Dosimeter tools are now permanently unlocked in SoundMeter X.

The latest perpetual license version of SoundMeter, SoundMeter Basic 2018, has also been made a free download. SoundMeter Basic will no longer receive feature upgrades, but it will be maintained through calendar year 2021, after which it will be discontinued and removed from sale on the App Store. For most users, SoundMeter X is recommended over SoundMeter Basic, as it will continue to receive feature upgrades on newer versions of iOS.

The SoundMeter Standard Tool Set includes access to full-featured sound level meter and noise dosimeter tools, plus ongoing hardware support, such as periodically updated nominal microphone sensitivities for built-in microphones on Apple devices, updated nominal voltage sensitivities for select audio input devices, and automatic calibration for audio input devices that include built-in sensitivity information.

  • Level Meter
    • Lp and Leq sound levels
    • Standard Flat, A, C frequency weighting
    • Lp: Standard Fast, Slow, Impulse time weighting
    • Leq: 1/8s, 1s, and infinite averaging times
  • Noise Dosimeter
    • 8-hour Noise Dose, Projected Dose, TWA calculations
    • Criterion Levels: 80, 85, 90 dB
    • Exchange Rates: 3, 4, 5 dB

SoundMeter X also includes an app for Apple Watch.