SoundMeter X Succeeds the Original iPhone Sound Level Meter


In 2008, SoundMeter became the first sound level meter app in the iPhone App Store. Since then, SoundMeter has been validated by professional researchers as “the app best suited for occupational and general purpose noise measurements.” With a continued pursuit of accuracy, precision, and reliability, Faber Acoustical announces SoundMeter X as the newest version of SoundMeter for iOS.

SoundMeter may be downloaded for free from the App Store. The free download includes a sound level meter tool, which supports time-weighted sound levels, Lp, with flat frequency weighting and fast time weighting (LpAF). Additional tools and features are offered via auto-renewable subscriptions. SoundMeter Standard, SoundMeter Pro, and Pro Tool Set subscriptions may be purchased in increments of 1 month or 1 year.

Major additions to the new SoundMeter X include a multi-channel data recorder tool, for streaming sound information to audio files, and the ability to share a Pro Tool Set subscription with the new SignalScope X—a single subscription unlocks Pro tools in both apps. SoundMeter’s Pro Tool Set subscription unlocks all tools and features of the SoundMeter Pro subscription in SoundMeter X and all tools and features of the Pro Tool Set subscription in SignalScope X. Users who have already purchased the Pro Tool Set subscription within SignalScope X will be able to access the Pro features in SoundMeter X while that subscription is active. An iCloud account login is required for syncing subscriptions between the two apps.


SoundMeter X also includes an app for Apple Watch.

The SoundMeter Standard subscription includes access to more capable sound level meter and noise dosimeter tools, plus ongoing hardware support, such as periodically updated nominal microphone sensitivities for built-in microphones on Apple devices, updated nominal voltage sensitivities for select audio input devices, and automatic calibration for audio input devices that include built-in sensitivity information. The SoundMeter Pro subscription adds a whole or 1/3-octave real-time spectrum analyzer, a multi-channel data recorder, and a stereo signal generator. Additionally, data logging is added to the meter, dosimeter, and octave analyzer tools, and percentile-exceeded sound levels are added to the meter and octave analyzer tools.

The existing SoundMeter and SoundMeter Pro apps will remain available for sale on the App Store for a limited time for the benefit of those who need access to them on iOS 8 and 9.

SoundMeter X requires iOS 10 or 11 and is designed to take full advantage of the iPhone X’s 5.8” screen.


SoundMeter X Product Page

Press Release


  • i.deklein

    Thank you for IOS measurement tools, can you ad info for iPad?

  • Matt Howard

    So I paid a ton of money for SoundMeter Pro, now that purchase is no good? Do I get SoundMeter X for no cost?

    • Matt,

      I understand that it can be frustrating when apps that you use regularly, and that you have spent considerable money on, are replaced.

      Please know that we are doing the best we can with a complicated set of circumstances imposed by the App Store’s policies and constraints.

      With respect to your current investment, you can continue to use SoundMeter Pro. If you have specific concerns about SoundMeter Pro, or about the new app, please visit our support page and submit a support request to contact us. We’ll reply as soon as possible.

      You may find it worth reading our post regarding the move to subscriptions. In any case, we mean no disrespect to our former, current, or future customers. We appreciate everyone who has helped us bring our software to where it’s at, and we look forward to producing more world-class measurement and analysis tools in the years ahead.

      Best regards,

      Ben Faber

  • Sandy

    Certainly understand the frustration by some users, I remember spending hours on the phone complaining when my cable bill went up few dollars, but the fact remains that we all pay subscriptions for everything we consume these days – cable, phone, Netflix, Prime, etc. We pay subscriptions for software and licenses we use for our work – Adobe, Mathworks, National Instruments, etc.

    People have no issues paying subscriptions to play games on their smartphones, often dwarf what Faber is asking for his subscriptions

    SoundMeter X and SignalScope X are top notch products, unmatched on the App store as far as functionality and features, IMO. I don’t use the apps as often but I think they’re worth every penny and I do want to encourage Faber Acoustical to stay at the top by supporting their business.