IOScope 3.0 Updated for iOS 7


As in recent updates to SignalScope Pro and SoundMeter, IOScope’s appearance has been completely revamped for iOS 7. IOScope supports both iOS 6 and iOS 7, but looks largely the same on iOS 6 as the previous version.

Also new in version 3:

– Audio data handling is more efficient.

– For devices that support input gain adjustment on the built-in or headset microphone, the input gain is stored with exported data.

– When entering a preferred sample rate, “48k” can be entered in the text box, as an alternative to typing out “48000.”

– Default input sensitivities have been updated, based on measurements of the iPhone 5S and 5C microphones and headset inputs.

– Cursor info text now uses a larger font.


IOScope Screenshot iPhone 1 IOScope Screenshot iPhone 2 IOScope Screenshot iPhone 3

IOScope Screenshot iPhone 4 IOScope Screenshot iPhone 5


Download IOScope 3.0