iPhone Dock and Headset IO Frequency Response

People often ask about the frequency response of iPhone and iPod touch audio inputs. To shed some light on the issue, I made some frequency response measurements of the iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPod touch 2G with Electroacoustics Toolbox and an Edirol FA-101 audio interface. These measurements are broken into two groups, one for headset input and one for dock connector input. Since measurements were made by routing audio through each iPhone OS device (by way of the Audio Play Through function built-in to SignalScope/Pro), all measurements include the frequency response of the headphone output in addition to the response of the selected input. The frequency response of the Edirol FA-101 was removed from the measurement, using a […]

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iPhone Headset Input Options

One of the most obvious ways to get analog signals into an iPhone or 2nd generation iPod touch is through the headset connector. Several options exist for getting acoustic or electric signals into the headset input, which are discussed below. Any of these options will work with the iPhone, iPhone 3G, or iPod touch 2G. The original iPod touch does not have a headset connector with a mic input channel, so it is left out of this discussion. When making a decision about what to use the headset input for, or what to connect to it, you may want to take a look at the frequency response measurements of the various iPhone OS devices. Acoustic Signals Acquiring acoustic signals requires […]

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Dock Connector Audio I/O

Several options exist for getting audio signal into and out of iPhone OS devices via the dock connector. However, not all accessories are compatible with all iPhone OS devices. So, we put together this compatibility chart, based on our own tests with SignalScope/Pro and SignalSuite. Dock Audio Accessory Compatibility These devices were chosen for their ability to accept stereo audio input from external sources. Some dock connector devices simply feature built-in microphones, which are of limited use for test and measurement applications. It’s also important to remember that the iPhone OS automatically selects the current route for input audio signals (built-in mic, headset, dock connector, etc). iPhone iPhone 3G iPod touch iPod touch 2G Alesis ProTrack In/Out(1,2) In/Out(2) Out(3) In/Out(2) […]

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