SignalSuite debuts on Apple TV


The new SignalSuite TV is now available for download on the Apple TV App Store.

Use SignalSuite TV’s stereo test signal generator to help set up, test and optimize your A/V audio system. SignalSuite TV generates white noise, pink noise and pure tones in addition to square, triangle, and sawtooth waveforms. Signals can be panned between two (left and right) audio channels. Any channel in up to 8-channel surround sound audio systems can be assigned to either the left or right output.

Use white or pink noise to measure the frequency response of your system using spectral analysis apps, such as SignalScope Pro for iOS or Mac.

Test speaker connections in a 7.1 surround sound system by quickly switching between all 8 output channels.

Search for system resonances by manually sweeping the pure tone frequency by sliding your finger left or right on the touch surface of Apple TV’s Siri Remote. Amplitude and pan settings can also be manually swept using touch gestures when the corresponding text field is focused by the remote. Clicking on the focused text field will bring up the keyboard screen so you can enter an arbitrary value in the text field.

Note: Working with multi-channel A/V systems requires that Apple TV’s audio Surround Sound setting be set to “Auto” and that the A/V receiver be properly configured for a multi-channel source.


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SignalSuite TV is available on the Apple TV today. Search for SignalSuite in the App Store.



  • priitv8


    Do you plan to update this app to run under tvOS 12?
    I am on public beta and your app just crashes back to springboard. Ie completely unusable.
    If you do not plan to support it under tvOS 12 then I will have to claim a refund.

    • We have tested SignalSuite TV with the latest tvOS 12 beta and encountered no problems. Is it still not working for you with the latest beta?

  • Erin

    Is there are way to use SignalSuite for Brownian Noise? This was suggested on a google search for pink noise generators. I think the reviewer thought signalsuite had a brown-noise setting. Thank you for your pink noise generators, they’re helping me sleep.

    • Erin,
      SignalSuite currently offers only white and pink noise. I’m glad to hear that it’s helping you sleep.