RoomScope now loads IR data from CSV, MAT, and TXT files


In version 1.5, RoomScope’s Room Analyzer tool can now load impulse response data from csv, txt, and MAT files saved within the app. Any csv, txt, or MAT files which contain time domain data, and are created by Faber Acoustical’s other iOS apps are also supported. Data files created in other Faber apps, such as SignalScope Pro or IOScope, would need to be added to RoomScope via iTunes File Sharing.

RoomScope 1.5 is available for download on the App Store.

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RoomScope File Loading


  • Amber Naqvi

    I want to purchase the Roomscope app for my ipad2 with i436 mic manily to measure RTs but have a question. The screen shots show the RT table going up to 2K only. What is the RT measurement bandwidth in 1/3 octaves.

    • ben

      In 1/3 octaves, only a portion of the data is visible on the screen, which is why you can’t see anything above 2k in the screenshot. Analysis is performed in 1/3-octave bands from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.