SignalScope Pro’s (iOS) Oscope tool now exports waveform data to audio files


As of version 2.3, the Oscope tool in SignalScope Pro for iOS can export waveform data to AIF, CAF, or WAV audio files. On iOS 5, or later, audio files can be previewed within SignalScope Pro or opened with other apps on the same device that support these file formats. Audio files may also be transferred to a Mac or PC via iTunes File Sharing, or downloaded with a web browser via the built-in HTTP file server.

SignalScope Pro Audio File Export     SignalScope Pro Audio File Name

Audio file export is also included with the DAQ Upgrade available via in-app purchase in SoundMeter 3.1 and SignalScope 3.3. In SoundMeter, the Oscope tool in-app upgrade is also required. SoundMeter 3.1, SignalScope 3.3 and SignalScope Pro 2.3 are all available for immediate download on the App Store.

Additional changes to these apps include:

  • The Signal Generator tab now supports the same color schemes as the analysis tools.
  • Other cosmetic improvements have been made to the user interface.
  • Several bugs have been fixed.