iPhone 5 compatibility with existing audio input accessories


Since the Lightning to 30-pin Adapter (0.2 meter cable) arrived yesterday, I have had the opportunity to test several audio accessories with the iPhone 5. The results are presented below. Only accessories that worked with the iPhone 4 were tested, since earlier audio input accessories couldn’t be expected to work with the new iPhone (they relied on the analog input pins that were not supported on 4th generation iOS devices).

30-pin audio input accessory compatibility

Accessory iPhone 5 iPhone 4/4S
Apogee Jam Yes Yes
Fostex AR-4i Yes (1) Yes
Line 6 Mobile In Yes Yes
Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack 2 Yes Yes
Tascam iU2 No (2) Yes
  1. There were a few times that I couldn’t get the iPhone 5 to recognize the Fostex AR-4i, but once it did, the AR-4i worked well. Sometimes, the iPhone would give the same message as that for the Tascam iU2 (below).
  2. When connecting the iU2 without USB power, the iPhone 5 wouldn’t recognize it. When USB power was supplied to the iU2, the iPhone would present a message which said, “The connected USB device is not supported.”

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