Speaker modeling comes to the iPad


We are please to announce SpeakerDraft, a new loudspeaker modeling app for iPad. SpeakerDraft makes it easy and fun to visually optimize the bass response of a simple loudspeaker design, such as a subwoofer.

SpeakerDraft takes advantage of the iPad’s large screen to plot the speaker’s bass response, which updates in real time as the user drags virtual slider controls corresponding to the speaker’s physical dimensions. Users can zero in on the right box and port dimensions for their next car or home theater subwoofer project, with minimal effort. Even selecting a specific loudspeaker driver for a given speaker box becomes a simple matter of tapping on different drivers listed in the app–the speaker’s bass response plot is updated immediately with each tap.

SpeakerDraft supports the design of sealed and ported loudspeaker boxes. In either case, the width, height, and depth of the box are fully adjustable. Port diameter and length can also be specified for ported box designs. Users can create an arbitrary number of speaker designs, or add drivers to their driver list. The app also includes a driver database.

SpeakerDraft costs $19.99 and is available now for download on the iTunes app store.