USB Audio Devices that work with iPad


The discussion of issues surrounding the iPad’s USB audio support in the previous post certainly begs the question, “Which devices work properly with the iPad?” In the table below, I list the devices I have tested with the iPad, along with some observations.

iPad USB Audio Device Compatibility

Please keep in mind that the iPad Camera Connection Kit is required to connect USB audio devices to the iPad (see the previous post).

Input Output Bus Power Notes
ART USB Dual Pre Data Loss (1) Works (2) Yes The USB Dual Pre runs on bus power, even with phantom power on. It can also run on a 9V battery.
Behringer UFO202 Data Loss (1) Works (2) Yes
Blue Icicle No N/A N/A The iPad completely rejects the Icicle with the message: “The attached USB devices is not supported.”
Griffin iMic Works Works Yes I tested an older model, but others have confirmed that the newer model also works.
MXL Mic Mate Classic Data Loss (1) N/A Yes (3) Phantom power is always on. No output channels.
MXL Mic Mate Pro Data Loss (1) Works (2) No Phantom power is always on. A self-powered USB hub is required to use the Mic Mate Pro with the iPad.
Nady UIM-2X Works Works Yes (3) Unfortunately, the UIM-2X rolls off low frequencies, below 200 Hz, which makes it undesirable as a measurement device.
  1. Input data reaches the iPad, but it gets corrupted, apparently because of improper clock synchronization.
  2. Audio output works fine, as long as the iPad app does not also retrieve input data. For example, the ART USB Dual Pre works fine with SignalSuite, which only uses audio output. The same device produces audible glitches in its output when used with SignalScope Pro, which uses the device’s input and output channels.
  3. If the input device draws too much current, the iPad will refuse to work with it, even if the iPad had already been working with the device. For example, even though the Nady UIM-2X presents itself as a high power device (one that requires more than 100 mA of current from the USB bus), the iPad will work with it until you turn the UIM-2X’s phantom power on. At that point, the iPad will indicate that it draws too much power and switch audio back to the internal mic and speaker.

In summary, of the devices mentioned above, only the Griffin iMic and Nady UIM-2X work properly for both audio input and output with the iPad. Audio output generally works on output-capable devices, although some devices produce audible glitches when both input and output are used by an iPad app. Unfortunately, there still isn’t a simple, bus powered solution for connecting a phantom-powered measurement microphone to the iPad.

Feel free to share your iPad USB audio experience in the comments.


  • ANdre

    So, connectina an iMic to an iPad would enable me to have 2 outputs (iPad one + iMic one)
    and play two different tracks simultaneously on them??

    Thank you,

    • ben

      No. Connecting the iMic would cause the iPad to select the iMic for audio input and output. It would be stereo, so you would have two output channels, but neither the iPad speaker nor the iPad headphone output would be available for output. Only one audio input/output route will be selected at one time.

  • nachomaga

    I post some tests with some USB interfaces in Sonoma Forum (FourTracks and StudioTrack Apps), hope it helps:

    I just recieved the iPad Camera Kit too and I made some test with some old USB mics and interfaces (and not so old). Of course none of this interfaces work with StudioTrack or FourTracks but it work very well with BlueFire and MultiTrack DAW. Like Jed, I copy paste to StudioTrack and mix the audio.
    MXL USB.006 Mic. Direct to iPad, so pity don’t have a monitoring feature.
    Zoom H2. It’s a recorder, but works as USB interface and you have monitoring (must be in ‘on’ position to work).
    Next interfaces need a powered USB hub to work:
    Edirol UA-25
    Shure X2U
    The Samson C03U USB mic don’t work at all, it’s strange because I remember someone in YouTube that get it work.
    I have the iRig too and made some test with a AKG C1000S. It works very well with StudioTrack but the BIG low cut that Apple put in the iPad audio in (same in iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4) is very difficult to fix with EQ, almost imposible.

  • Lars

    I got the ART USB Dual Pre to work just fine with my iPad. I have used it with 9V battery connected to a Shure SM58 and also to my e-piano via stereo line in. Both worked very well.

    • cara

      I was thinking of trying this but I have a few questions if you don’t mind…..Did you use the ipad camera kit to connect the ART UBS Dual Pre to the ipod? And is your ipad and ipad 2?

    • Tim

      I’m a sound engineer and I’ve a question about this ART product. I’ve an ipad and i like to work with signal suite from faber acoustical. Do you know if the microphone input from this ART product works with this app?
      Thanks to reply. This is very important for me.
      Have a nice day!

  • Claes

    Hi, I have a question regarding the ZOOM H2 and the iPad, if anyone have a suggestion…. When connecting it to my iPad via Camera connection kit I get the message that “the device draws too much power” even though I run the H2 on own power supply. Any suggestions?

  • Yaman

    Edirol PCR-1 Keyboard with onboard audio interface works (in generic mode).
    A cheap guitar to usb cable works also (

    • George Demarest

      Hi Yaman,

      I’ve been able to get my PCR1 midi working but not audio. Did you have to do anything special on the ipad (I tried the PCR1 standard driver in both 44.1k and 48k modes (both standard drivers). Am I missing something?



      • Iuri

        Hi I just cannot make the midi controler work with my iPad. Could you? Abou the áudio interface You’ll need To chance The usb driver To generic and The hz To simple 44 or 48, ten recnnect The cable. Can you give me te path You took in order To have it working as a mídi controller on iPad?

  • A J

    Light snake guitar to USB works with GarageBand but monitor from ipad internal or headphones does not work.

    • Ryan P

      Yes it does… If u use the ipad headphone jack to earphones and have montor on in garageband.

  • AS

    Thanks for the post! A couple of questions…

    1. With the Nady UIM-2X, how steep is the rolloff below 200 Hz?

    2. Is there any way to use one of these usb devices and simultaneously be charging the iPad?

  • Joy

    If I connect an iMic and a camera connector to the iPad, is there a way to have the sound come out of the iPad speakers real-time or with minimum latency? Do I need to have a particular program/app running on the iPad to do this?

  • Graham Metcalfe

    Samson C03U works. But you need to plug it in before starting up Garageband for iPad, otherwise you get the “Draws too much power” error.

  • Rmg

    Thanks for this info. Can you confirm if the camera app (on ipad2) would use the line in audio when recording video?

  • Paul

    I managed to connect my zoom h2 to my ipad running 4.3.2 using a 3rd party cardreader/powered usb hub I got off ebay.

    Its recognized as an external interface and I can use it to play back and record audio on the ipad.

    However, any tracks i record have massive latency… the audio is delayed by at least 1/2 a beat at 120 bpm. Making it kinda useless.
    Has anyone else had success with the zoom h2?

    • Jimw

      Hi Paul,

      Did you have an ipad 2? I’m trying to do the same thing and would like to avoid that latency.

  • Paul

    I get nada from the original MBox. If I plug in direct I get the the “device draws too much power” but if I plug in via a hub I get no firm rejection message but Garageband doesn’t respond to it as a device.

  • Daniel

    Thanks for compiling this list, very interesting and disappointing at the same time!
    Any news on any compatibility differences of the iPad 2 compared to the above? i.e. Are all the issues purely software issues or does iPad hardware come into it as well?

  • Aleen

    Hi there,

    Thanks for this post,

    I plugged my iPad to this: to be able to get SPDIF out from it. I works driverless with my PC so I gave it a shot.
    First I had the “Draws too much power” mssage, so I plugged it through a powered USB hub, and launched iPod app.

    It freezed and after a moment it finally launched I saw the light on my USB hub saying something is connected, and I got some sound out at very low volume, then it crashed. When I lanched it again, it was back to the speaker sound, no way to make it work again (close iPod app, restart, try another audio app …), like it decided to ignore my device forever which looks like what you describes in your (3). Is there a way to see what actually happens ? to see if the device is not recognized, refused or anything else ?
    Should it display something when it works ?



  • Lucas

    Thanks for putting up this list.

    I try to connect the Apogee One to the Ipad. On Youtube you can see that it is working.

    In my case it does not work. In Garageband the usb mic is recognized. But the VU-meter is doing pretty weird. It does not react on the internal (of external) mic of the One.

    Hope that you have suggestions. Do I need a jailbreak?



  • ty

    Trying to use this combination. MXL 990, MXL Mic Mate Classic, Ipad camera adaptor, With Studio Mini app. Does not work. I realized I need phantom power. Is there a inexpensive USB hub that will send enough voltage back to my Mic to make this combo work?

  • Dan

    Very helpful info!

    I successfully used the Nady UIM-2X with a powered usb hub, iPad 2 (5.0.1) and TwistedWave app to record a nice sounding 80 minute church service. Had a few connection issues with the FiRe 2 Field Recorder app but those were resolved with a reboot. Liked the TwistedWave audio editor quite a bit.

  • Edgar Schmitt

    Hi, is it possible to connect the receiver headphone output directly via some adapter cable and
    the camera connection kit to the iPad2 for recording audio ?
    Thanks for responding.

  • Glen

    I can’t seem to get my ART Dual Pre USB to work with my ipad 2. I have my condenser mic plugged in to the dual pre and then the usb out of the back of it to the camera kit connector on the ipad. I don’t have any signal and the ipad doesn’t recognize the usb. Any suggestions? Much appreciated. Thanks.

  • zagaad

    Hi ..anyone could give recommendation about non belkin Powered USB Hub to connect my audio interface ( scarlet 2i2 )??? I cant get Belkin USB Hub in my country .thanks